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can now abort dragging a worksheet tab with Esc or AltTab. Overly long text in cells no longer causes overlapping. An office suite: a word processor, a spreadsheet and a presentation program. BasicMaker Keyboard shortcuts did not work in the variable and output window. Feature: Claws Mail has been added to the list of e-mail clients in the "Send document by e-mail" function. MC Server Soft has always tried to make the GUI as simple and useful to the user as possible. Unlimited instances, mC Server Soft supports now multi instances.

The keyboard option in the "Customize user interface" dialog box now distinguishes between Ctrl5 above the main keys and on the numeric keypad. MC Server Soft 10 brings awesome features. With "Always show comments inserting a row above a comment could cause strange display of that comment. Improvements to opening.xls files with pivot tables Pasting RTF text from TextMaker no longer modifies the cell styles in PlanMaker. Feature: The included Noto Sans font has been updated. 10 SoftMaker Software GmbH 3,778 Freeware. After a whopping 15 months everything was completely rewritten in C#. Rebuilt from the ground up, all the previous builds (mcss 9 and lower) were built on top of Visual Basic. Sorting ignored the country settings. Simple but powerful design, a clean and simple interface makes it easy to navigate through server settings and functions. From just the one to all the servers your computer is able to host. Discover all features, view features, setup your server up today.

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