xt_coupons duplicate column name coupon_token_amount

One solution I read was to remove the distinct, but that didn't help. I want to create a view that replaces the ID's with the associated text. I can get that using 3 join statements like shown: select, value, fROM myTable, inner join Table1 ON Table1_id. Any help much appreciated. I am trying to find an error in a massive SQL statement (not mine) - I have cut a lot of it out to make it readable - even pared down it still throws the error. Press h to open a hovercard with more details. I just can't see where the duplicate column error can be coming from. Order by LastLoggedIn desc) and it works fine by itself. Does DB Manager usually tell me about duplicate column names?

I have tried to troubleshoot by changing column names in the distinct section without any luck. I have a few tables with this sort of format myTable: id Table1_id Table2_id Table3_id value. This returns an error, duplicate column name 'ID i have tested the the last part (select * from Profiles. Sign up, you cant perform that action at this time. Inner join Table2 ON Table2_id, inner join Table3 ON Table3_id ; When I try to create a view using. However, without any error message or hint. After choosing the "unique column" and the "geometry column" the DB Manager did not load the layer.

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