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and qualitative methods used as part of the evaluation. Purpose of the evaluation, key evaluation questions, evaluation team. Use graphics where appropriate, and remember that you do not have to present all the information you have collected. Was the delivery model effective in changing participants behaviours?). Conclusion and Recommendations, this is where you may want to do a high level summary of the success and lessons of your project based on your evaluation findings. Appendices, this is where you provide detailed information that some of your audience members may want to refer. Key Evaluation Question 2, key Evaluation Question 3 etc. Remember here that you do not want to simply present information, but rather mary poppins gutschein interpret the information and make a value judgement. You may want to describe in greater detail particular activities were critical in delivering outcomes.

After you have decided who you report to and in what format, you should create a detailed evaluation report that addresses that responds to all of your evaluation questions. . This includes your full M E plan, questionnaires that were used, detailed results and information, statistical analyses etc. You should also provide an overview of the evaluation method (you can link this back to the M E plan in the appendix) and any limitations in the methodology. This is summary of the main findings, lessons, and recommendations from your evaluation.

Air pristina gutschein
air pristina gutschein

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It is good to provide a program logic that outlines what you sought to achieve and what you did along the way. Your detailed report should include the following section headings and content. . It is important to note who made up the evaluation team. Whilst the struture of this report is slightly different to the template below, you will find that all the key sections are covered. An appropriate image will add visual appeal to your report. Cover Page Title, your title should be descriptive of your project and you may even want to relate it to your projects overall goals. A good way to present your evaluation findings is to use your key evaluation questions as the main sub-headings (eg. Key stakeholders and target audience, program Logic, this should include an overview of the project that is being evaluated, including the timeframe, main stakeholders, and project goals. . You may present some of the information from your monitoring in an appendix. It should not be longer than two pages. You can then take the detailed report and extract summary information for your relevant audience and massage the report into the most appropriate format. Evaluation method (including limitations you should also outline the purpose of the evaluation, including the evaluation audience and what they want to know.