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sections: Shipping zones, Shipping options and Shipping classes. For example, lets return to the case above where items with a 30 shipping class fee and a 10 shipping class fee are added to the cart. In the Description, you can enter a description of the class just for yourself; the field is optional. You can temporarily enable Shipping Debug Mode after updating the shipping settings.

Create Free Shipping Coupons Back to top. Go to WooCommerce Coupons. Tick the Allow Free Shipping checkbox.

Enter the delivery class name in the Shipping class column. WooCommerce shipping calculator Calculation type the shipping cost calculation setting: The dropdown menu has two options: Per Class: Charge shipping for each shipping class individually the shipping cost will be calculated individually for each shipping class and its cost. I've got clients, who need to get a shipping discount.

Since.0.0 # array( 'code' 'amount' 0, 'date_created' null, 'date_modified' null, 'date_expires' null, 'discount_type' 'fixed_cart 'description' 'usage_count' 0, 'individual_use' false, 'product_ids' array 'excluded_product_ids' array 'usage_limit' 0, 'usage_limit_per_user' 0, 'limit_usage_to_x_items' null, 'free_shipping' false, 'product_categories' array 'excluded_product_categories' array 'exclude_sale_items' false, 'minimum_amount' 'maximum_amount' 'email_restrictions' array 'used_by' array 'virtual'. Title Free shipping is set by default, but you can change the name of the shipping method if needed. This will only affect your packaging once, regardless of how many perfume containers are ordered, so you only want to assess this fee if a Hazmat article is in the cart. Table Rate shipping plugin, or other shipping plugins that take advantage of shipping classes. Adding a new shipping class, how to edit my shipping classes? Base Flat Rate, per Order charge shipping for the entire order as a whole. WooCommerce flat rate shipping method Flat rate is a shipping method that allows you to determine the standard rate for the product, shipping class or order. Add a class for any criteria that will add a cost.