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manual is available now. Plastic film covers the camera display and lens. Remove plastic film before using the camera. Notes are identified in parentheses and are described at the end of each section. Once again, huge thanks marina di venezia rabatt to TeriTerryTarry for a wonderful guide. Introduction, welcome to sjcam SJ4000 online manual. This manual is based on firmware version G20150408Vpril. Next Slide button on top or bottom of the page. This series of concise guidelines has been written.

Manual has been organized into few pages to make reading easier. It is absolutely the best and most detailed guide on how to use this little camera. And wait for it We have it in PDF!

There are many ways to determine if your camera is genuine. With the help of this manual you will learn how to use your SJ4000 and other sjcam cameras. On the clear housing plastic film also covers the inside and outside of the lens cover and both back cover doors. Please be aware that if you camera does not have a security code, it does not have to mean it is a fake. General notes, before we start, here are some important notes. Checking the security code under the scratch-off on the side of the package is one of them. . Since nearly all sjcam cameras have similar user interface and software, large portion of the manual can be applied to cameras like : M10, M10, SJ4000, limited 5000x and x1000 and even, sJ5000 series.

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